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American Flag Yak Skull
  • This North American Yak Skull has been meticulously cleaned and degreased by an expert taxidermist. A locally based artist painted this skull to represent the true beauty of the Yak breed with the pride of the American Flag. This heritage that still runs so deep in the beautiful United States.



    * Size Rating: MEDIUM

    * Tip-To-Tip: 26” or 2'2”

    * Total Skull Height: 19”

    * Sits off The Wall: 11“


    Each of our North American Yak Skulls are responsibly sourced and hand selected. Let our expert craftsmanship bring a touch of the wild west into your space! Boasting all natural horns, they serve as a wonderful piece of décor for homes and businesses alike. They also make a great, unique gift for any western enthusiast. Our skulls are crafted to last a lifetime!


    Don't be fooled by those knockoffs, this skull went through a natural and very tedious cleaning process. We do not boil or use any harsh chemicals to clean our skulls. This mount was professionally cleaned by Pikes Peak Bone Cleaning using flesh eating beetles and proper degreasing techniques. We commissioned local Colorado artists to paint some of our skulls to create a unique, Colorado-centric art piece.


    All of our skulls are ethically harvested and treated with the utmost respect.

    American Flag Yak Skull

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