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We clean bones naturally with our dermestid beetles leaving you with a clean, grease-free European Style mount.


About Our European Mounts

At Pikes Peak Bone Cleaning we guarantee a perfectly white and grease free mount that will last forever. We process our euro mounts with great respect to the animal and the way it was harvested. We do not boil skulls in any way. This results in a better finished European Mount that will last a lifetime. By using flesh eating beetles to remove all remaining meat and flesh so bone integrity stays intact. 

About The Colony

Avid Hunter and Outdoorsman, Purveyor of Animals and Bones and the Preservation of Them 

As a hunter I always appreciated the look of a beautifully cleaned skull hanging in my home. I use Dermestid Beetles to naturally clean all the dead flesh off the bone. Most game skulls take less than 24 hours till clean. Than the skull will hit a Degreasing bath. This bath will take a majority of the grease left in the skull out to. Lastly it goes through a whitening process and the result is a long lasting beautifully whitened European Skull.

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